Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Men's Shirt Refashion - Skirt

I saw this on someone's blog (I can't remember who's...sorry), and thought it was a really cute idea. So here is my version of a men's shirt turned into a toddler skirt.
The finished skirt
(probably ended up being more like a 3T/4T skirt)
Start with a men's dress shirt (this was size L)
Cut right below the arms, and even out the bottom. Remove the pocket and any buttons that might get in the way of sewing. The middle piece will be the skirt. I did not cut the sides to make it smaller...just used the elastic to sinch it up small enough. I also cut another inch off the bottom before heming it up.
For the top waistband, fold over once and then again leaving a space big enough for the elastic to fit in. Sew it closed. Remember to leave an opening for the elastic to go through.
I put a 21 inch piece of 3/4inch elastic through the waistband.
Pull both ends of the elastic and sew together. Then sew the open hole closed.
Do the same thing (minus the opening/elastic) for the bottom hem.
The Front
The Back.

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  1. I just raided my brothers closets when i was home this last weekend to make some of these for Cambree. the girl will only wear a dress/skirt so these will be perfect for all summer and i won't have to care if they get dirty or stained!!!