Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Valentine’s Box…

Today for music makers we did a Valentine’s party.  Each kid brought a decorated box/bag and valentines to pass out to all the other kids.  Up until this morning, we didn’t have anything to put our valentines in.  Thanks to Family Fun for the cute idea.  Here is our version of it.  I envisioned it a little more decorated, but Daylynn got bored and didn’t want to decorate anymore. 
I used a graham cracker box, and covered it with decorative paper.  Then we embellished with other scrapbooking items.
(sorry for the bent edges, I took these pictures after the party)
2035The back with a little sticker2034Full of Valentines2032

Friday, February 4, 2011

Valentine’s Decor…

For Activity Days, we made this Valentine’s felt garland.  Have I mentioned that I love making things out of felt?  I love that it’s easy to cut, easy to fix if you make a mistake, and it doesn’t require any sewing???  It’s great!  The girls had a fun time, which is always a good thing!2006 What to do with a restless 3 year old?  Pull out the scissors and glue!  we cut a heart shape out of a cereal box, and used some of the leftover hearts from the garland to create this Valentine’s wreath.2001

Add ribbon and hang!

Baby Shoes…

My mom gave me a pattern for baby shoes a long time ago, and I finally got around to trying them.  As I was sewing them, I realized I missed a crucial step (the batting/machine quilting) considering they are a quilted baby shoe.  Nothing in the directions told you to do this, so I skipped it all together.  After telling my husband this, he say, “you don’t like to follow directions.”  He’s partially right, and I did find that step in the “materials needed” section.  My shoes ended up flimsy, so I added a little iron on to the bottom, and  it helped a little.  They were really easy, and I have big plans to try some more out.  2009 2011 *nearly impossible to get a good shot when they are on your 9 month old.