Monday, September 27, 2010

I WON!!!!

I’m so excited about this…I won the Cozette Couture Giveaway!  I received it today, and I love it!  Thank You Suzette!!! 

It was pretty impossible for me to get a great self-portrait.  The important part is showing!
P.S. If I look bald on my left side, it’s because I am.  I have hardly any hair left after having Addison.
  0162The full headband.
My favorite thing is that it stays on my head.  Other wrap headbands always slip off my head.
0102 And the other GREAT feature…it fits Daylynn too!0112 And she looks adorable in it0132

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Cozette Couture Giveaway!

cozette2 Cozette Couture is having their first giveaway.  She will be giving away this darling lace wrap.  The winner will be announced TOMORROW!  Visit her website for all the details to enter. I LOVE the things I have from her, and my shipment came super fast! 

*Click on the picture to go to her blog!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Princess Wands…

Sorry for the lack of posts, my machine is still broken.  We have a princess party coming up in November, so I wanted to practice making some of the princess items for the party.  The first being a princess wand.  I think it turned out pretty cute, and will probably be making a bunch of these in the next month and a half.  Here is a very basic tutorial. 
Wrap stick with ribbon (in my case a pencil…remember just practicing right now).0032Let the glue dry.0052  I let Daylynn mod podge the stick and sprinkle the glitter.  (shortly after I had mod podge all over my carpet…ahhh!)0112

0122 All glittered up.  Now let it dry before adding anything else (I didn’t, and my fingers were a mess!)
0132Add embellishments.
0212Cut strips of tulle however wide you want it, and scrunch it up.  I wrapped it with a plastic hair tie. Now fluff it up to a make puff ball.
0072   Add to stick. (I wish I had added more tulle to this one.  It looks pretty sad.  I didn’t have a whole lot of extras to add to this since I just decided to make it on a whim.  The ones for the party will be much prettier.)0222A purple version that I like 100 times better than the first one.0272