Thursday, November 12, 2009

Vinyl Table Cloth...

My parents bought Daylynn this cute table for her birthday. I wanted to make something to cover it, and decided on vinyl. While at the Fabric District, I found the cutest vinyl to make it with.
(Sorry about the picture quality of the next two)
I wanted to make it a fitted table cloth, so I put the table on it, and cut the corners off. Then I put each of the two corner pieces together (right sides togetherforming a triangle), and sewed them up.
Then I flipped the fabric over and put it over the table. Unfortunately, this falls into one of my not-so-good projects. I made it too small, and had to stretch it over the table. It is not smooth on top, and is super tight around the edges. It works, but just doesn't look how I had hoped it would.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Diva Blanket...

I recently made a trip to the L.A. Fabric District with some friends. It was nice to stock up again! We went to one of our favorite store Blue Moon, and got minky at a great price! I made this blanket for my little princess, but all I could think of while I was making it was "Diva." I bought one yard of each, pinned it together (no cutting required) and sewed it together! I timed myself and it took me 45 min-1 hour to make the whole thing. Not bad!