Friday, April 9, 2010

Finally Finished...

I've had a few projects that needed to be finished, so I finally got around to it today. Here are a few that I finished.

Another variation of the ruffle-bum onsie with matching felt flower/headband.
A binky Clip
And another blanket done just like the one from my previous post.
A close-up on the fun stitch I decided to use this time.


  1. Seriously, do you love M&L??? I still have stuff from the last time that I went. I've been making these swaddling blankets for gifts like crazy. I just started doing the decorative stitch too. Your idea for the rounded corner is awesome. I usually just free-stitch for the round corner but cutting it is a really good idea!

  2. I LOVE the fabric you used on this blanket - as well as the last one you made!! I seriously need to get to a good fabric store now! ;)