Thursday, April 29, 2010

Hair Bow…

*Note: These are NOT the best pictures, or a great tutorial for that matter.

Tulle: 3 inches x 29 inches (depending on the size of each petal, it could take less. I think mine ended up being closer to 23/24 inches)
Matching Thread
Some type of embellishment: button, beads, pearls…whatever
Ribbon (to cover clip)

I started by folding the tulle into thirds before folding it over to make the first petal. Once folded take your needle and thread and make a couple stitches to hold it in place.0062 Repeat the folding/sewing step until you have 5 petals (more or less depending on the look you are going for).0072 0082Add embellishment(s), and attach to clip (covered by ribbon).
0092I also made this adorable bow (sorry no picture) from Make It and Love It. It’s the black tulle one. I think it is so cute, and can’t wait to put it in my little girl’s hair.

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