Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Attempting Grandma's Potholders...

My Grandma recently passed away, and she used to make us the best potholders. I remember laughing every Christmas when I would open their girft to me, and lo and behold more potholders! After her passing a few weeks ago, my Mom and I decided we had to figure out how to make them ourselves, since we wouldn't be getting anymore. My mom found a tutorial at Mikell's Fiber Art, LLC, and away we went. We struggled at first, but managed to get the hang of it after awhile. We both decided it wasn't our favorite project to do, but at least we know how!
My mom had to take over mine, because I was struggled getting started.
Here is the potholder starting to fold over.
The finished front.
It ended up being really small, and more like a coaster than a potholder.
I still have yet to finish the open edge.
I think I need some help with it.

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  1. Look at you go! I had such a hard time learning how to crochet at first, but it's so fun now! And way to pass on the family tradition....