Friday, July 10, 2009

Scrap Quilt, Quilted...

I finished Quilting! I have a confession...I only do these things for the finished product. I curse my way through the entire thing, but it's so worth it! I had several random thoughts while I was finishing such as, "What was I thinking?" "Why did I do it this way?" "There had to of been an easier way." "I'm not going to do this again for a really long time!" "Oh it's looking so good!" And after seeing it all finished and the edges cut, I really like it. Now it isn't perfect, but I'm definitely happy with it! All that's left is the binding! I think I am going to piece a few fabrics together to make a scrappy binding!
The whole quilt...sorry it's a little hard to see the quilting in this one.
A closer view
Close up
I think this picture shows the quilting the best.