Saturday, October 1, 2011

Necklace T-Shirt…

What I’m still crafting???  Shocking I know!  The last year has been a little crazy with 2 little ones that my crafting has gone down the drain.  I’m slowly working my way back into it, and looking forward to all the fun things I’m finding on Pinterest (My new favorite site).  About a month ago, I made some of these t-shirts for an auction and decided to make a tutorial to go with it.

t-shirt.  I buy mine at Target for $5.00
Fabric Paint
2 paintbrushes – different sizes
cardboard to put between the shirt - I cut up a cereal box.

-Start by putting paint on a plate and putting the end of the paintbrush in the paint. Just make sure the bottom is covered (not the sides).  It will make a much cleaner circle.
22012-Press end of paintbrush on the shirt, and continue until you have a “strand” of beads from one side of the shirt to the other.  I usually just eyeball it.
22013-The second strand I use the bigger paintbrush end, and add a glitter paint to the pink for some contrast.
22017-Continue until you have three strands.
22018-Add a ribbon bow (or any embellishment would be cute).  I just put it on whatever side needs it…usually the one I’m trying to hide a mistake.
22019It’s done!
22021And another in purple.

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