Thursday, March 17, 2011

Table Fort…

I saw this table for at Make-it-and-love-it forever ago, and finally decided to make it!  Our place is getting small, and this just opened up one more place for my kids to play.  I love that!  I tried my best to give directions, but by the end I stopped taking pictures and just wanted to get it done.  So it’s best to just go to Make-it-and-love-it’s website for the full directions.

I went to Jo-Ann’s to buy fabric and it was going to cost around $27.00 just for the fabric to cover the table (and that was on sale!)  So I ended up using two top sheets and saved all that money!
I don’t have exact measurements for anything, because I basically just laid the sheet on top of the table and cut around the table.  I just prayed it would end up working, and it did!2005 I made 4 panels to add to the top sheet (2 long and 2 short)
On one of the longer panels I cut out a rectangle for the door.
I used biased tape to hem (finish the edges) of my door and windows (I used two packages for one door and two windows)
To make the corner, cut the bias tape into a “V” shape and sew along the “V”
When you refold it, it creates a nice corner.
Pin to the door and windows and sew.
Use clear vinyl for cover the windows.
Next, I added embellishments to each side.
Daylynn insisted on having a pink door so that’s what she got!  I sewed it on the left side and attached ribbon and velcro to the other side to close it.2082 I also attached a piece of velcro to the other side to keep the door open.
Curtains for the windows (side window)
And the back window.
On the other side I used fabric glue to add some flowers.
After this step, you attach each side to the top sheet.  Please follow make-it-and-love-it’s link above for directions on this part.

And here you have one happy girl playing in her fort.

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  1. It's adorable! I'm impressed. This is one of those things in the blog world I've always seen and thought- BIG PROJECT...maybe someday...I don't know if I'll ever be able to do it though! She looks like she loves it:)