Friday, March 18, 2011


  I’ve been in a redecorating mood lately.  Our place is starting to feel small to me, and since we won’t be moving anytime soon I decided the inside needs a makeover!  So two things inspired these two pillows 1. add color and 2. I love the initial pillows.  I decided to do both of those things with the pillows I made. 

Initial Pillow Instructions:
Pillow cover (you can make your own pillow if you want).
A stencil or letter cut out of paper.
Paint – fabric paint would be best, but I used acrylic paint for mine.
foam paint brush.

I used an Ikea 20x20 pillow cover.  Be sure to put something between the layers so the paint doesn’t go through.  I used cardstock.2005 I cut an “e” out of paper for my stencil.2006 I taped the paper down so I wouldn’t get paint under the paper.  Be sure to paint carefully on the edges.2007 Wait for paint to dry and pull off paper/stencil (Mine didn’t turn out perfect, but good enough).2008The finished pillow!  I thought I had a pillow big enough to fill the cover, but I was wrong.  So I’ll need to get one.  I also used a teal paint to add color!
2013 Purple Pillow Instructions:
1/2 yard fabric
Pillow 16x16 (finished dimensions)
Flower: 4in x 34 in
Start by making your flower.  Pinch corner and start wrapping fabric (flat) behind the fabric.  Hand sew together as you wrap to hold flower together. (that probably doesn’t make any sense…just follow this link to show you how).20182019Be sure to sew flower onto the pillow before sewing the 4 edges together.  Remember to leave a small opening to flip pillow through (sorry I didn’t take pictures of these steps).  I filled this pillow with batting from Joann's and whip stitched the small edge closed.
2012Finished pillow!
2011 Both pillows together.  I love how it adds color and fun to my brown room!

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