Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Letter Makeover…

So I have two walls in my kitchen painted red, and basically everything on the walls are black.  I really liked it at first, and still think it looks cute…just time to add some more color!  I decided to go with the letter “E” that sits on the shelf.  I used the same paint as I did for the pillow.  My husband informed me that painting the e’s the same color might be overkill.  Oh-well.  The wall before.20092008First coat.  I thought it looked cool to leave it like this at first, but once I put it on the shelf I quickly realized it looked like I’d just done a horrible job painting it. I since added a second coat and it looks so much better!2010 I realize the color doesn’t really go with the wall color.  Eventually, I want to paint it back to a more neutral color.  I’m not sure how my husband feels about it, but I’m going to give him some time to warm up to the idea :)2018


  1. Cute stuff! Daylynne has grown. She's a cutie! I've come across some old pics of Apollo and Daylynne playing-she was a good buddy for him.

  2. are you kidding me, I LOVE that blue with red together. I just told my husband I want to add that blue color to our bedroom that is already red, black, and cream. I want another color that pops and I think that aqua type blue is PERFECT!