Friday, February 12, 2010

Valentine's Day Gift...

Thanks for all the fun ideas. I ended up going with a great idea I saw on Make and Takes Website. They had a guest blogger from Simply Modern Mom about a great date night idea. It is called Project 52, and is 1 date a week for a year. Since finding time to date has been hard since having Daylynn, I thought this would be the perfect way to start dating again! I tried really hard to come up with mostly at home dates, with a babysitter required date once a month or so. Below is a sample of the ideas. For a full list leave a comment with your e-mail (if I don't have it), and I'll gladly send it your way.


  1. So...I am going to do this for Brent - either for a late V-Day gift, or anniversary in a few months; so will you email me the whole list?? THANKS!!! I think you have it, but just in case: chelseemarie@gmail :) thanks!!

  2. oooh, this is a GREAT idea. I want the whole list too!, Thanks!