Saturday, June 27, 2009

Rows Completed...

Just because I didn't have a camera all week doesn't mean I didn't sew. I finished sewing the 54 9-patches I needed. I also sewed the 6 1/2 in. by 2 1/2 in. white strips between each square to make the 9 rows. I am in the process of sewing the 51 in. x 2 1/2 in. strips between each row now.
The first 4 rows I finished
All of the rows completed
( I accidentally took the picture the wrong way).
The first row with the white strips
Two rows completed!


  1. I love how even yours turned out. I messed mine up, but hopefully once it's all done you won't be able to see how uneven it all is. Can't wait to see yours all done.

  2. It looks so great!! One of these days I'll complete a quilt... :)