Wednesday, June 17, 2009

More Scraps....

Here are two more day's worth of sewing (I have another 10, but they aren't ironed). My husband asked, "So is this going to be the never ending project???" Technically, that could be true, but I'm trying not to let it be. I decided to only do 54 9-patches to make it a lap blanket instead of the 70 the original quilt calls for. So far I have a total of 31 (including the 10 not pictured). I have already been through my stash, Lyric's and my Mom's. I hope I can make it to 54! I usually cut my fabric one day and sew a whole bunch the next day. It makes it go faster and get's cutting out of the way. I am still saving for the digital SLR camera. Any advice on cameras, or good deals that anyone knows of????
These 4 I made one afternoon.
These were made a couple days later during Day's nap.


  1. Good job! My mom is cutting some for you. I'm going to see her next Wednesday, so I'll bring you them Wed night or Thursday. There will be enough for you to finish ... promise.

  2. They might not be as cute as we want, but they're free ... right!?