Tuesday, December 7, 2010


I found these blocks awhile back after Daylynn was too old for them. So when a friend said she wanted to make them, I pulled out the tutorial I found on Make it and Love it, and decided it would be the perfect gift for Addison. I will give an attempt at a tutorial here, but you might just want to use hers.
Start with 6 squares. These are 4 x4.2003Decide which fabric you want to be the top and bottom. Then cut the coners a quarter inch in. It’s best to measure…I learned from experience. 2006Sew the other 4 squares together. 2009Fold strip of fabric in half right sides together and sew together creating a box. 2010 0112 With the right side of the fabric inside add the top and bottom piece. 20132 2014Leave a small opening on one end of the square, so you can flip it out and fill with batting. 2015When done, hand sew the opening closed.
Block one – Texture fabric. 2016Block 2 – jingle bell inside. 2022Block 3 – Tags 2023Block 4 – crinkle paper inside. 2024Set of 4 blocks! 2026 I got a preview of how she was going to like them last night. They were a big hit! She army crawled on over, and started grabbing them while I was finishing them up.

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