Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Poppy Doll

My friend Lyric showed me this cute doll, and asked if I wanted to make one. Her's turned out so cute, and I couldn't wait to make one. I bought the pattern here, and finally got the motivation to make it yesterday. I was burnt out after making the doll, that I didn't get to the clothes yet. I used an unfinished shirred dress and sewed the two pieces together to make sleeves. Not the greatest, but it works. I also wish I had put darker hair on the doll, but I didn't have any. Daylynn already loves it, and has spent a lot of time holding, pushing her around and changing her diaper.
*Just a cute story. Before the doll had any clothes on, Daylynn kept saying, "dolly naked." She ran back to her room, and came back with one of her shirts for the doll. I just had to laugh! Daylynn is a month shy of being 2, and she cracks me up. I just love her!!

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