Monday, December 19, 2011

Felt Stockings…

We have  A LOT of family coming to town for Christmas this year.  I wanted to do something for them, and figured since they were all coming from out of town stockings would be a good idea.  I searched around for something super cute, but decided for cost purposes that felt was the way to go (I made 18 of them).  Not only that, but it is super easy to sew.

3/4 yard felt – red (I got 11 stockings (front and back) out of this))
3/4 yard felt – green
1/4 yard felt – White (top part of stocking)


I found a stocking I liked on google images and traced it onto wax paper. I folded the fabric in half, and pinned the wax paper to the felt and used pinking shears to cut around it.2Guia Familiar 3622Guia Familiar 363Then I cut two pieces white felt (I guessed on the size…really whatever you think looks good).
2Guia Familiar 365Then put the white felt on the outside of 2 stocking pieces and start on one side, and sew all around the stocking.
2Guia Familiar 366When you get to the end stick a folded piece of felt and stick it inside the two sides of the stocking.
2Guia Familiar 371Then your done!
2Guia Familiar 370If you want, enlist a 4 year old who lost arts and crafts to help you decorate ;), then hang!

Merry Chirstmas!

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