Thursday, May 5, 2011

1st Birthday Skirt and Necklace Shirt….

So I couldn’t let the opportunity pass to make by baby big girl a birthday outfit!  I was searching on-line for something fun, and this is what I came up with.  I’m sorry I didn’t take step by step pictures for this project, I was just too busy sewing and trying to get it done in time for her big day.  For the tutorials you’ll have to visit the websites of the original creators (they’ll do a better job explaining then I would anyway!)
I used a thicker white muslin as the base of the skirt (I bought a 1/2 yard, but it was WAY too much!)
Tulle.  I used dark purple and light purple (the middle layer was one dark piece and one light piece).  I made 3 inch circles and layered two pieces of tulle for each triangle.
Elastic (you need 2 inches less than your waist size)
Follow directions at Simple Simon and Company to make your own!222117_edited-1
222109Next is this adorable necklace shirt (sorry one of the “strands” is folded under). 
$5.00 t-shirt from Target.
2 colors of fabric paint (I used lavender and a silver glitter that I had to mix with the lavender b/c it wouldn’t stick very well)
foam paint brushes (I used two different sizes) – you dip the bottom end in the paint to create your beads.
Ribbon for bow (or you could add a flower or any other embellishment)
Follow directions at Living Craftily Ever After222143

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