Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Addison modeling a re-fashioned creation…

Last March as I was anxiously awaiting the arrival of Baby Addison (she’s a little over 5 months now) I was busy refashioning onesies for her.  This particular one didn’t have a whole lot of umph to it just hanging on the hanger back then.  Now with with our cutie to fill it, some baby legs and a puff ball it has come to life!   
01420062 0102 0172 0302Things I’d do differently: 
- I would probably use elastic thread for this project.  When I put this on her this morning, some of the thread started to break.  I now have to glue (I’d re-sew it, but my machine is broken) it back on. 
-I’d make the skirt fuller.  It’s cute as is, but it would definitely be more fun that way.
-I’d sew the skirt at least an inch higher up on the onesie, so it would sit around her waist. 

Side Note:  Gerber onesies run small!  These are 6-9 month, and she has been wearing them since she was 4 months!  I’m glad I tried it on, or else we might have missed wearing it.

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