Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Crafty Shower Gifts…

Are you looking for ideas for baby shower gifts??? Below are a few that I received for Baby Addison that I just love! I have incredibly crafty friends who motivate me to keep on crafting! Enjoy!
Car Seat Tent
I received two of these. Each have their own unique touches that I just love!
The first is from Belize. I love the colors, and the handle decorations are too cute!
0062Cute huh?0082Inside fabric.
The next is from my mom. This was something I was going to make for myself, but my mom told me I couldn’t. She was already in the process of making it. It is really fun fabric, and the giant ric rac is a great accent to the whole thing.
ric rac trim
Inside fabric. 0122 Diaper/Wipe Case
My friend Lynn came up with the adorable diaper/wipe case. This is not the traditional case we are used to seeing. It is much more practical, and the sweet finishing touches (bow on the front) make me love it even more!0142Two pockets – one for diapers and one for the wipe case. 0162 0182 Hooded Towel
Lyric made this adorable hooded towel for me. I have a couple that Daylynn has used, and just LOVE them! They are a must for every child, and I’m glad Addison has a special one of her own. 0202The ruffle/ribbon detail – too cute! 0212 Bibs/Burp Cloths
Anjanette made these great fabric/chenille bibs. Everyone needs bibs, and it’s even better when they are cute! 0222Elise made this ruffled bib and two burp cloths (yes I know there is only one in the picture. The other is dirty).
0242 Love the ruffle on this one too. Addison is going to be stylin’ wearing this!2022Laura made this cute burp cloth that she crotched around the edges. I’ve tried crotching, and it is a lot of work. Thank you!2472Shoes
Laura also made me these shoes. I love the print, and the leather bottom is great too!
Chelsee, my bff from college sent me these shoes. I about died when I opened the package…so cute! The puff ball was the perfect touch, since I’m loving the puff balls these days. I can’t wait for her to wear both of these shoes!
I wasn’t joking when I said that I had crafty and might I add very talented friends! Thank you!

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