Thursday, January 28, 2010

Softie for Baby A...

I went to a friend's house and we made more softies. She is due with a girl just a few days before we are. I decided to make this one for our newest addition. The other one was for Daylynn who is still attached to hers. This is the first thing I've made for Baby #2. I've been putting it off for sometime. We lost our last baby at 21 1/2 weeks, and I had to get past that time in this pregnancy before I could make anything for her. We are 23 1/2 weeks along now, and things are looking/feeling great with baby (not my waistline...ha).
P.S. since making this softie, I figured out how to ruffle the silk with my sewing machine! It's going to make these things a breeze from here on out!
Here's how for those who don't know: Set your tension to the highest setting (mine is 9). Put your stitch on the longest stitch (mine is 5). Make sure to backstitch when you get started, and ruffle away!

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  1. So one of these evenings, will you come over and teach me how to do this on my sewing machine, and I'll show you what little I know of photoshop??!

    I love it!