Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Help me and win!

I need your help! I've finally decided to sell something, and would like your feedback.

What style is your favorite (dress, skirt, or two fabric skirt)?
What is the most you'd be willing to pay for each of these items?
Which one is your favorite?

I'll be drawing a winner at random next week, and the winner will be sent their favorite one.



All dresses are halter.
Look here to see what the dress looks like on.
Size 0-3 months
(not completely finished. I still need to add straps and hem the bottom).
size 18 months -2T

size 2T/3T dress or 4T/5T long shirt.
(Dress 4 and 5 are the same size).

Look here to see how it looks on.
Skirts 1-4 are sized to fit 12-24 months. My daughter (size 2T) can wear it waist wise, but it starts to get a little short.
size 2T (long) up to 5T


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  2. sorry that last comment was from me, I am having problems with this thing.

    ok I REALLY REALLY love the fabric to dress #5. and the two fabric skirt is my favorite, but I do love the fabric to the three above it! Cambree pretty much will only wear dresses or skirts so I really love them all. I wish I had some motivation to figure out how to make stuff like this.

    also something to maybe think about, I HATE seeing saggy diapers under dresses, so I would suggest maybe trying to make some bloomers to go under them. I usually put panties over cambree's diapers under dresses without bloomers just so I don't have to see the diaper and it holds everything in place. plus bloomers are a lot cuter then a diaper.

    also right now I would LOVE one of those dresses for myself...have you thought about making any for adults? put a cute little t shirt under one and voala fun summer dress. it could even be used for maternity!!!

  3. I really like the two fabric skirt style too. I'd probably pay as much as $15 to $20 for the dress (depending on the size)...honestly I have no idea how much little girl dresses cost because I have a 19 mo old boy...but because I'm guessing they're sun dresses and don't have any layering underneath, that's what I'd pay. My favorite dress is the dark blue one (#4) with the big white circles on it. Hopefully I have a girl someday so that if you draw my name, you'll still send it to me ;) Miss you Lindsay!

  4. I think you're awesome for trying to sell them. They're all adorable and I know that people would spend as much as $15-$19 for a dress, and $10-$12 for a skirt. I think it would be cute if you made some batching diaper covers for the dresses ... and maybe to mix it up a little do a two fabric dress. You're so talented ... whether you think so or not. Give yourself more credit Mrs. Seamstress! ;)

    My favorites ... out of the dresses: #'s 2 & 5 are super cute (because of the fabric ... they're all the same, right?), and for the skirt I definitely think that the two fabric skirt will sell for more and are cuter ... although they're all cute. Good luck girl! You can do it! xoxo

  5. Great idea Lindsay! I LOVE ALL the fabrics you picked, but my favorites #4 and #5 in the dresses and #2 and #5 in the skirts. I wanted to comment yesterday about prices, but I was unsure of my price range, being as I don't really know what a girl's dress sells for these days. :) But after seeing everyone else's comments, I'm glad to see that I was on target. I was thinking between $15 and $20 for the dress and $10-$15 for the skirt. Hope this helps! And good luck!!!

  6. Ok, so first of all - I think you are right on in your fabric selection, and I love these dresses and skirts! My favorites dresses are numbers 1,3 and 5. I didn't see on here...but I know you made Daylynn a dress in the navy blue just like the one you posted, but it was gathered at the bottom too, and I LOVE that!!! I haven't seen many like that around, so I think you should add that to the possibilities to sell :) If I had a little girl, I would prob pay what everyone else has said: $15-$20 for the dresses...maybe $15ish for the newborn and increase price as the size gets up to toddler and 4/5T...? Skirts, I definitely think $12.50 would be a great price - but would go up to $15 for sure!

    Skirts #2 and #4 are my favorite fabrics - but I do love all of them :) Ok, so I definitely can't pick a favorite if I were to of the 3 dresses I mentioned above...whichever one you could part with the easiest :) I know I don't have a girl now, but someday I will - and if I won I would post another link to your blog with a picture of the dress in the post :) I'll probably do it anyway tho, lol.

    One last thing - I DEFINITELY second the idea above to make these for adults!! Really cute for pregos for sure :)

    Good luck lady!

  7. oh man! So so so cute. There's just something about little girls in polka dots. I love 2 & 5 the best. I like that 2-5 have the tie on the top. It seems like a dress without a tie on a little body would fall down (whoops-y). The skirts are adorable, too. I especially like the fabric on 2 & the pattern of 5. You should sell on etsy. Can't wait to see what you come up with next.

  8. They are all so cute but my favorite is #5 for the dress and I would pay $18-25! It's perfect for the hot summer. The skirts are hard to pick. I probably like #4 the best and pay like $12-15. I would get all of them. You are so talented! I like looking at your blog and get ideas.

  9. Hi!
    You have done an amazing job on these dresses & skirts. You have really mastered your sewing talent.
    I think dress #1 is my favorite fabric. The red really pops and really caught my eye. It's not everyday you see red used in girls clothing. I also love #5. It is such a cool pattern and color scheme. I also can't leave out #2 either because it is black and white and reminds me of your super cute bathing suit, which I love. I think most everyone has the right idea about the cost, $15-$20.
    My favorite skirts are #3 & #4. Both have great patterns and colors. I would price these $12.50-$15.
    Great job! Keep up the good work and keep finding great fabric.

  10. just another point of view...why wouldn't you try to offer all the different styles? they are all so cute. your choice of fabrics are great. if you were to start a shop on etsy - the more variety the better.

    hope that is okay, i suggested all of them! i think they would all do great.

  11. I love the red polka dot. They are all so beautiful. I love the one you made for Annie. It fits her perfectly.

  12. You are sooo talented!! Wish I enjoyed sewing like you do. :o) I LOVE the halter dresses! My favorite is #5 and as funny as it is my favorite skirt is #5 as well! :o)

    I would price the dresses around $15 and the skirts around $10. How much does it cost you to make them? Good luck, I hope they're a hit and you make booko bucks! :o)

    (Okay apparently I'm retarted, but I can't figure out how to post as me... so, this is Jill Smith. :o) ha ha ha!